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Pot-in-Pot Nursery

Panther Creek Nursery grows plant material using an innovative Pot-in-Pot technique. We believe this method will consistently provide you with the highest quality plant material available anywhere.

Better Growing Conditions

This system was designed to provide better growing conditions for nursery production, resulting in better quality plant material. Trees and larger-size shrubs can be available throughout the year without the stress of field digging and without the problems of blow-over in a standard container-growing nursery.

System Design and Benefits

The design of this system includes drain fields beneath each row of pots along with computer-cycled drip irrigation.

Support rings are used between the plant and socket pot to avoid rounding of the bottom of the plant pots.

The best benefit is the use of MicroKote, a plant growth regulator, to form a very fibrous root system.  By using MicroKote, we produce a better developed root system with none of the root circling normally associated with container grown plants. MicroKote has been shown to provide a plant that will suffer less transplant shock than any other growing method, giving the plant a quick establishment once planted.

We invite you to visit our nursery for a tour to discover for yourself the benefits of our unique Pot-in-Pot growing method.

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Panther Creek is a Premier Pot-in-Pot Nursery